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We try to have our year round beers (ESB, PALE, IPA, GOLDEN) available. We also try to have our seasonal options available. All styles depend on availability and when you would like to pick up your keg - please use the request form below to request a keg. Giving us an early heads up will help us make sure we have the beer you'd like ready for you! 


Kegs are incredibly critical to our production, and so if you can return them as soon as they're used we appreciate it! We ask all taps and kegs to be returned within 7 days. If you have previously notified us of a kegerator use, kegs need to returned within 30 days maximum. Please remember you have only paid a deposit for the keg, it remains the property of the brewery.

Kegs can be picked up and returned during normal taproom hours. The deposit will be refunded upon return of our kegs and tap in good condition. Only the person who paid the deposit can be refunded the deposit - the credit card that paid the deposit must be presented to obtain the refund. Kegs kept past 60 days are subject to a $25 administrative fee to process the deposit refund. 


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