beers Overview

Locally crafted on scenic San Juan Island in the idyllic town of Friday Harbor, San Juan Island Brewing Company (SJIBC) is your local, independent craft brewery made with artistry, science and meticulous attention to detail. Using the latest brewing technology and equipment, and the expertise of countless islanders, we go the extra mile (thousands, actually) to source the absolute highest quality old world malts from Europe while using the freshest hops grown in Washington’s own Yakima Valley for a distinct flavor you can savor in every sip. Our goal is to produce great tasting, traditional Ales and Lagers that represent the delicate balance of flavor and drinkability that have made beer a favorite beverage throughout history. 


And we are not alone. The American Craft Beer Movement has shaped the rapidly evolving beer landscape on a worldwide scale. The small, independent craft brewery has served as the primary agent of change and continues to be guided by the influences of home brewers and craft beer drinkers alike. Our standards as producers have risen and the palates of the beer enthusiasts have become more sophisticated. So cheers to the evolution of beer!


Now, just sit back, relax and enjoy while getting to know the rich history of beer, the Craft Beer Movement, and the Island a little better, one pint of SJIBC beer at a time.



Afterglow Golden Ale

Light, Thirst Quenching, Highly Sessionable

Stats: 4.5% ABV, 25 IBU

Located deep in the woods near Roche Harbor, Afterglow Vista (aka “the mausoleum”) is the mysterious open-air rotunda which local lime works owner and Mason John S. McMillin built for his family in 1936. Surrounded by Roman columns, the limestone table represents the McMillin family dinner table. Also made to enjoy around the table in the afterglow of a San Juan sunset, Afterglow Golden Ale illuminates island history while refreshing the palate with a light body and dry finish. A touch of hop character rounds out this easy drinking session beer. Cheers to you, John.


Outer Island IPA

Hop Forward, Refreshing

Stats: 6.3% ABV, 65 IBU

Out of all the San Juan Islands, only four are serviced by ferry. The remaining 124 “Outer Islands” represent some of the most beautiful, untouched locations in the Pacific Northwest (and quite possibly the World). Unique and distinctive as the islets themselves, Outer Island IPA delivers a hop-heavy aroma, bursting with melon and apricot, followed by a palate-cleansing dry finish that leaves you longing for more.   




Black Boar Porter

Chocolate & Coffee Notes, Slight Caramel, Highly Sessionable

Stats: 4.5% ABV, 20 IBU

Named for the San Juan’s Pig War of the mid-1800s—a 13-year stand off between the American Army and British Royal Navy where the only casualty happened to be a British pig—Black Boar Porter follows a long line of British beer traditions. English Porter was the first beer style produced on a truly industrialized scale. And it’s no secret why this beer was so popular then and continues to be now, hundreds of years later. The mild roast, caramel sweetness, and a slightly creamy mouthfeel are perfectly balanced in this traditional beer.   


Bull Kelp ESB

Biscuity, Slight Toffee, High Drinkability

Stats: 5.5% ABV, 35 IBU

Often found growing in subtidal patches and lining the rugged beaches of San Juan Island, Bull Kelp is a hardy seaweed identified by a long whip like stipe topped with a gas filled bulb. It has become an icon of the Pacific Northwest and happens to be the namesake of our head brewer’s original homebrew operation. Bull Kelp ESB balances toffee notes with warm biscuit malt character and finishes with a touch of hop bitterness. You simply can’t help but say yes to another Bull Kelp.




Powers Out Stout

Velvety, Roasty, Full-Bodied

Stats: 5.6% ABV, 28 IBU

Living on an island, lights out is a way of life (especially in the blustery winter months). But we don’t mind. We embrace island life and drink up the quirks with Power’s Out Stout—a dark and delicious traditional English Oatmeal Stout. Snug up to a pint and revel in the comfort of this full-bodied stout with notes of chocolate and coffee.


Lane 4 Vienna Lager    

Toasty, Clean Maltiness, Elegant

Stats: 5.3% ABV, 20 IBU

The ferry waits for no one, yet everyone waits for the ferry. Love it or hate it, the ferry is the lifeline of the islands and waiting for it is a necessity. Lane 4 Vienna Lager is named for the lane that was designated for all Friday Harbor passengers for decades. And though the lane number has changed, the wait remains the same. The perfect beer to sip while passing time waiting for the next boat, Lane 4 is a showcase for Vienna malt, a lightly kilned malt that first hit the brewing scene in Austria back in the mid-1800s. This style offers a soft and smooth mouthfeel with a slightly toasty malt character and a dry finish. The ferry line is what it is; might as well enjoy the wait with Lane 4.




Yachter’s Daughter Helles Lager

Soft, Smooth, Slight Grainy Sweetness

Stats: 5.0% ABV, 16 IBU

A highly sought after boating destination, San Juan Island attracts thousands of yachters every year. But of course, they typically don’t come alone… One of the most popular beer styles in the German beer-loving region of Bavaria, Helles boasts a clean maltiness with a smooth medium body and dry finish. Like the annual fair-weather flotilla of incoming recreational boaters, Yachter’s Daughter is a Spring and Summer seasonal.


Hunker Down Dunkel

Rich, Malt Balanced, High Drinkability

Stats: 5.4% ABV, 20 IBU

When the last of the summer visitors board the ferry to head home, it’s time to take a deep breath and hunker down with your favorite seasonal dunkel. This traditional German lager dates back to the 16th Century and showcases Munich malt with its definitive toasted, yet slightly sweet character. Full of rich malt character but balanced with a finish that is clean and moderately dry, Hunker Down Dunkel keeps you comfy, cozy and relaxed until the high season fires up again.